Pusa Basmati Rice is a hybrid variety of Basmati rice that that boasts qualities like long grains, aromatic fragrance and non-stickiness after cooking. Its distinctive taste and enticing aroma has made Long Grain Pusa Basmati Rice highly acclaimed in the international market and the Pusa Basmati rice we provide is 100% pure.

India is basically famous for basmati rice and Pusa basmati rice is the top quality rice variety among all. Long grain makes people happy and its aromatic fragrance makes them hungrier. As a survey, it is stated that pusa basmati rice gives 30% more volume after cooking. And one more thing which makes this variety more popular is its sweet taste. Experts say that every person should eat basmati rice daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This variety is also known as pusa sella rice, which is a hybrid type of basmati rice. Its long grains make it more acclaimed in the Indian as well as international market. Some of the most appealing grains in pusa basmati rice are:

  • Pusa Basmati Rice Sella White
  • White Pusa Raw Basmati Rice
  • Golden 1509 Basmati Rice
  • Pusa Creamy Sella Basmati Rice

No-one can deny from these below mentioned facts about pusa sella rice:

  • Fully Polished Pusa Basmati Rice
  • Exquisite aroma, rich taste and silky texture makes it more popular.
  • This variety of rice is low in fat which is preferred by people who want to maintain their health.
  • It contains all 8 essential amino acids and folic acid which helps the body produce new cells.
  • This variety of rice is non allergic to people so everyone can have this food on their plate.

There are many more facts about pusa basmati rice which makes people fall for this grain. After reading all the above mentioned facts, you will crave for basmati rice for sure. And for the same, just connect with the SKRM India and grab the tasty basmati rice. We are just a call away from eating those tasty grains and appreciating SKRM India for their hassle-free services.

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