1401 is an improved version of aromatic hybrid Basmati Rice. It is the first early maturing basmati rice variety & has high yield.

Experience the fine taste and the mouth-watering aroma of the 1401 Basmati Rice. Behold! These are not the only qualities associated with this newly developed variety of rice. It’s each and every grain cooks to perfection and the mere sight and smell make it hard to resist the urge to taste it. This variant of rice is an improved version of the hybrid aromatic basmati rice with an average grain length of 7.3 mm.

This variety of rice is relatively newer and hence, much better than others. Our experts go the extra mile during the production of the 1401 Basmati Rice. Order it now to taste the newly develop variety of rice, which also ranks among the best, and relish a taste like never before.

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