1121 Basmati Rice possesses the world’s longest grain, both before and after cooking, and provides 30% more volume than any other Basmati variety. The grade of 1121 Basmati Rice is globally recognized for its elongated grains, excellent cooking qualities, unique aroma, special sweet taste, and high nutritional value.

India is widely renowned for its traditional cuisine, and when it comes to basmati rice, people feel fortunate to be a part of this country. India offers a variety of basmati rice to cater to individuals with a discerning palate. Each basmati rice variant possesses distinct characteristics; some have longer grains, some exude amazing aromas, and some are simply exceptional in appearance. However, all basmati rice shares a common trait—delicious taste. Regardless of the brand or grain, the rich taste remains consistent.

When it comes to choosing rice with the longest grain for fine dining, 1121 basmati rice is the top preference. Whether you are a biryani enthusiast or an Italian food lover, your plate and satisfaction would be incomplete without a bowl of 1121 basmati rice. Here, we describe some of the remarkable features that make this basmati rice a preferred choice among rice connoisseurs:

This rice variety is incredibly light and easily digestible for everyone. Individuals experiencing chronic constipation and heartburn often favor this variety on their plate.
1121 Basmati Rice never fails to deliver a delightful taste with every bite. According to a survey, children particularly enjoy this rice variety.
Its simple cooking process is beloved by home cooks, as it does not require specific timings or methods.

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