Balaji Chawal Mills Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 but the foundation of this business was laid in 1970 by Mr. Jagdish Prashad Agarwal & his son Mr. Sushil Kumar Agarwal. In the early ’70s, dung manure fertilizers were being used in rice grain fields to increase fertility. Which was not efficient enough for production and was also time taking in comparison to chemical fertilizers. We were the ones who launched the chemical fertilizers in eastern India first.

Mr. Sushil Kumar Agarwal was one of those who introduced NPK in the early ‘70s. We are continuously striving hard to increase the fertility and quality of crops in rice grain fields science 1970. In the early days, we used to produce quality rice in small mills but over time we stepped into a big business by accepting and applying modernization in the industry

In 2011, we incorporated one of the biggest industries in Eastern UP. Capacity-wise and technology-wise, We are the best and biggest industry in the sector of rice production in eastern UP. We are using the world’s best, latest, and most advanced technology in the industry. We are using IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) certified a comprehensive range of individual machines, integrated systems, and engineered solutions for the processing of rice.

We are performing excellently in the domestic market in different states of India. Our domestic products are well known and recognized by customers in a big manner.

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